The Grand Prix of Italian Cuisine aims to tell the story of the Italian dinner table through the daily cuisine of modern families. It involves all those who would like to participate in the creation of the big Italian Sunday lunch made up of 20 ideal dishes, one for each Italian region, and thus play their own part in Expo 2015.
The jury of experts from Women for Italy. Nourishing the Future will select the 20 best entries for a healthy, genuine, organic and anti-waste cuisine, which uses "forgotten" or endangered local products.



Write your personal recipe from the following four categories:
starter, first course, second course and dessert. If your recipe is also anti-waste or
made with a local "forgotten" or endangered product, please indicate this in the
appropriate section. If your recipe is selected to be among the best by the Women
for Italy. Nourishing the Future Jury, you will be recognised as an acclaimed Chef
by the Ambassadors in Milan and your recipe will be published
in the dedicated Instant Book.






Special features of your recipe:

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